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Why choose a Forhans product?


    Consumers are central to our production and marketing strategies. We analyse their needs in order to create oral hygiene products that will satisfy their expectations.

  • Quality and safety

    All ingredients used in Forhans products are rigorously controlled according to published scientific standards so as to avoid any undesired effects and to guarantee their effectiveness in treating a range of pathologies.


    Forhans products distinguish themselves for consistently high quality at a competitive price.


    Forhans products are sold in Italy’s best pharmacies and drugstores but they
    are also available in the pharmacy section of the largest national supermarket chains.

Do you suffer from an oral disease?

Explore all the functions

of our exciting new interactive App!


Get informed with Forhans

The App teaches correct oral hygiene and informs you on how to prevent the most common problems in a playful and innovative way. The immersive journey describes the symptoms and explains how to treat different pathologies. The user will have a surprising point of view: the inside of a mouth.

Forhans 3d Interactive Experience Trailer

Play With Forhans

The app is aimed at adults as well as children and so a gaming section was a must. After accessing the app, the user can go to this section and explore an interactive virtual reality game. Upcoming updates will extend both the educational and gaming aspects. Stay Tuned!