Advertising for Uragme

Advertising has always been important to us and it has taken different forms over the years. From billboards in football stadiums, to Television spots on national TV, to ads placed in the specialized and non-specialized press.
Creativity has always been crucial to trigger the public’s curiosity. The history of Uragme is bound to the brand Forhans.

From 8 to 10 May 2018, DUBAI

Beautyword middle east – Hall S2 Stand G32

fiera dubai



Rome TriEvents is an initiative of A.S.D. Forhans Team, aiming to make triathlon central to a big city like Rome. Forhans is the main sponsor for that project. Many international competitions belong to this project and the Maratona di Roma, for example, is at its 22 nd edition!

RomaTriEvents - Video Promo 2016

RomaTriEvents - Video Promo 2017

Polar Rome by Night


Various are the reasons that pushed the A.S.D. Forhans Team to promote a “Marathon By Night”:
1) Lack of such an event with an international audience
2) Important touristic and commercial event thanks also to its central location
3) Blue, the color of the night, represents Transparency, Security and Trust…the basic rules of the Forhans Team
4) Friday evening is the right moment to share time with the family

Roma by Night Run - Video Ufficiale 2016

Roma by Night Run - Video Promo 2015


La società Forhans è stata partner della run4autism , evento podistico con ricorrenza annuale, che si svolge nella capitale.
Siamo sempre attenti non solo all’aspetto sportivo che da oltre 10 anni caratterizza i nostri interventi di sponsorizzazione, ma anche sotto il profilo sociale, essendo l run 4 autism dedicata al Progetto Filippide