Black Stain

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A mouth ulcer is a painful rounded lesion in the oral cavity

Black stains are common among young children but sometimes adults are affected as well. They are often mistaken for cavities and can be a source of anxiety for parents. So what is a Black Stain, where does it come from and most of all …how can we fight it?

Many Hypotheses have been advanced to explain Black Stains…

Black Stains are the result of the action of one chemical compound, which develops and deposits on teeth, pigmenting them permanently. Chromogenic Bacteria produce sulphur-based substances such as Hydrogen Sulphide, which binds with iron. As a result this black compound forms around teeth, especially in the most hidden areas, creating an unattractive black line around the gums.
It is important to note that in young people, Black Stains tend to regress with the transition to adulthood
There may be a contagion among people in the same family or group through the use of the same cutlery or toothbrushes. As a precaution it’s best not to leave humid toothbrushes near each other, as the bathroom is a humid place where bacteria develop easily.

Should Black Stains appear, it is important to go to the dentist to remove them. It is possible to remove both Tartar and Black Stains through professional oral hygiene. Through ultrasounds and special polishing pastes, teeth will regain their natural and healthy aspect.
The supplement Lactoferrin with the commercial name FORHANS GENGIFOR can be useful in preventing Black Stains through a double function/action: it controls the bacterial flora and binds with the iron molecules in the oral cavity, redistributing them to other parts of the body.


For the prevention and treatment of Black Stains we recommend you use: