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Bruxism is a Greek word meaning “The grinding of teeth”

Bruxism is a very common sleep disorder that involves involuntary teeth grinding overnight. The feeling of pain and tiredness of the facial muscles in the morning are the first signs of bruxism, even if the patient does not recognize the symptoms immediately. This is why the disease progresses indiscriminately, until the patient decides to go to a Dentist.

Grinding can lead to serious consequences such as chipping of the teeth. Teeth can, over time, represent a site for bacterial growth and development. They change their shape, the enamel can be seriously worn, the inner layer of the dentin becomes unusually visible. If bruxism is not diagnosed, the dentin can be attacked as well.


Grinding of the teeth is irrational. It is an involuntary contraction of the chewing muscles. Many are the possible causes: familiarity, mandibular malformations leading to malocclusion. Also stress can be involved with the onset of this pathology. Modern Science was able to provide a solution to the problem: A Byte to be used at night. Bytes may be more or less rigid depending on the level of wear of the teeth. Forhans BRUXISMO STOP is the new Forhans Bite, a universal tool, especially made to prevent the grinding of teeth during sleep. Made of pure silicone, it softens with heat and once placed in the mouth it fits the shape of the dental arch. Usually used at night to prevent damage to teeth caused by unintentional grinding during sleep.

Designed to provide the maximum comfort, it reshapes up to two times. The bite is not recommended for children under the age of 18. “BRUXISMO STOP” is transparent to be discreet and comfortable. You should seek the advice of a doctor should the problem persist