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Cavities can be considered the most common disease of the tooth; their course is slow and progressive and never heals spontaneously. It starts with a demineralization on the surface of the tooth then slowly penetrates in the dentin and finally into the pulp.

Symptoms are different according to the stage: at the beginning the cavity does not create any problem and thus is neglected; later pain and granulomas may occur.

Two are the main causes of cavities: sugar and a poor oral hygiene. Both contribute to the formation of a thin layer on teeth and gums: the so-called DENTAL PLAQUE The dental plaque, if not removed promptly by brushing teeth, may lead to the formation of cavities. Cavities may be divided into 4 groups according to their stage:

1st Stage: Superficial, on the enamel only, thus not painful.
2nd Stage: They also involve dentin; painful especially with hot/cold and sweet/salty
3rd Stage: the pulp is also involved, thus pain is very strong.
4th Stage: The pulp dies due to the prolonged infection. Not painful but extraction is

Prevention through a correct oral hygiene is the only tool to prevent Cavities


For the prevention of cavities we recommend:

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