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Malocclusion is when the teeth of the upper arch are not perfectly aligned with those of the lower arch. Dental arches relate in order to perform phonetic and chewing functions. Malocclusion happens when this balance is altered and this may cause problems in other parts of the body. For example a Dental Malocclusion may create cervical pain, back pain, headache… Some forms of Dental Malocclusion may be treated with orthodontic devices; the most severe forms may require surgery.

Here are some examples of bad habits that may lead to malocclusion:

1. Toddlers sucking the thumb, or pushing the tongue against teeth; the
use of a pacifier after the 3 rd year; the prolonged use of baby bottles
2. Bruxism, especially at night
3. Wrong dental procedures
4. Loss of some permanent teeth with no implant
5. Severely chipped teeth
6. Tumours of the mouth and jaws
7. Mandibular fraction
8. Rheumatoid arthritis (very rare)

Here are some examples of Malocclusion:

Deep bite
Deep bite
Open bite