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Pulpitis is considered the main cause of toothache. Pain is its main symptom.

Cavities represent the main cause of this pathology. Bacteria within the oral cavity cause the fermentation of sugars in the diet creating the demineralization of enamel and dentin. This process harms the pulp of teeth.

Pulpitis may also be caused from:

  • Traumas
    Periodontitis, important dental surgeries, grinding at night, a bad oral hygiene…may all be the causes of pulpitis
    According to the stage of inflammation and of the lesion, it is possible to discern two different forms of pulpitis:
  • Reversible
    Inflammation is moderate and the lesion is superficial. Pain may be caused by external causes but it is mild and tends to disappear quickly
  • Irreversible When the reversible form of pulpitis is not well treated, then the inflammation becomes more serious and it may lead to the necrosis of the pulp. Symptoms Pulpitis may be silent for a while. This is the main reason why a yearly check-up by a dentist is recommended.
    Pain is the main evidence of pulpitis. It may be intense and hard to detect. It may worsen during chewing due to cold, hot or sugary foods.

How to treat Pulpitis
Prevention is the best treatment. To reduce the risk of pulpitis:
1. Perform a daily cleaning routine
2. Brush your teeth three times a day from gum to tooth. Use
fluoride toothpastes and avoid abrasive pastes.
3. The use of unwaxed dental floss twice a day and of the
interdental brush
4. The use of a Mouthwash
5. Avoid sugary foods
6. Routine check-up

When Pulpitis is already present, it is too late for prevention and it is important to reduce pain and inflammation


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