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Sensitive teeth are a widespread problem affecting many more people than we think.
You should ask the advice of a dentist.

The apparent causes of Sensitive teeth seem to be heat and cold, but the real causes are elsewhere!


The causes of Sensitive teeth may be various: cavities, cracked teeth or thinning enamel. There may also be non-pathological causes, for example, aggressive and incorrect brushing.

In order to better understand the causes of sensitive and painful/aching teeth, we must analyse the anatomical structure of a tooth. The outer part of a tooth is made of a strong layer of enamel that protects the tooth from external aggressions. Dentin is found below the enamel; it is a bone-tissue that protects the pulp from shifting temperatures. If dentin and the layer of enamel become thinner, they may cause hypersensitivity to cold, heat, sugar and thus tooth pain.

Prevention is always the winning strategy, even when the problem is sensitive teeth. The first rule is to perform a correct oral hygiene: brush your teeth properly, avoid sugary drinks and cold or hot foods. Forhans Toothpaste for Sensitive Teeth and the medium-bristles range of Toothbrushes, are good tools to treat the problem

For the care of sensitive teeth we recommend: