Collutorio Forhans Medico 500 ml

A highly concentrated formula (a few drops suffice) to be diluted in water for daily
rinsing after meals, or used full-strength on a toothbrush to massage the gums or on
a cotton swab to treat lesions. Astringent and antiseptic action; Helps treat stomatitis
and parodontosis, bleeding and gingivitis. For a good antisepsis of the oral cavity;
Effective in the treatment of mouth ulcers; Useful in dental treatments before and
after surgery; Reduces plaque and tartar.
Pleasant peppermint flavour.
Medicinal Formula

Composition and active principles

Zinc Chloride 50% 3 %
Ethyl Alcohol 50 %
Monoflouride-sodium- phosfate 0,60 %

Pleasant Flavour!

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